Add Tidal Daily Discovery and My New Arrivals

It would be nice if we could access the Tidal Daily Discovery and My New Arrivals from the Tidal page in roon, similar to the “my mixes.”

I see that this has been discussed, but didn’t see a feature request. The suggested workaround is to make them into playlists that get synced. It would be much simpler if we could access them directly.

I agree @SKBubba, completely.
Tidal’s “My Daily Discovery” is the first thing I check out. And every Friday, I look forward to “My New Arrivals”! These are the first 2 in the Mixes-for-you and it would seem intentional for Roon to skip 'em. But why?

Does not make any sense. Please help us; make it easy for us to discover and enjoy new music.

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I’ve spent my last 10 minutes trying to find it. Too bad it wasn’t there :frowning:

Also add the curated new releases bits rather than the pretty crappy generic ones that Roon uses. Their app pretty much ignores this section now in favour of curating new releases to your tastes which I find is exceptionally good.


One more vote for this feature request.

I was hoping there would be a way to do this, but i agree, the daily discovery is the best thing about tidal. So at present i need to airplay to from the phone to the powernode to do this, which is really not ideal. Cheers Andy

Agree. This makes Roon much less useful to me. Always wondering what I’m missing from the actual Tidal app. Roon markets itself as music curation and discovery but doesn’t have the curated playlists from Tidal?? Perhaps there’s a technical reason, or Tidal won’t allow Roon to access them.

all be sure and click the vote button above for this feature request

Please make „My Daily Discovery“ mix and „My New Arrivals“ mix from TIDAL available both in Roon for iPad AND Roon ARC. I do listen them each day. This would help to „work“ with just one single app, the Roon (ARC) apps. Thanks!!

I’ve moved your post into the existing Feature Suggestion thread. Don’t forget to Vote for it by clicking the Vote button at the top of the thread! Thanks.

YES please, make this availabe. I also need that on a day-by-day basis. Thanks!

Add my vote to this as well…

voted! this is essential

I’ll add my vote for this. Its one of the main reasons i just use the tidal app instead of roon for most of my listening.

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I listen through a Naim Nova which does not support MQA but Roon would play the Hi Res stream via their RART stream. At the moment I have to listen to these mixes via Tidal HiFi :-0(( Got my vote

Hey all,

I don’t see a “My New Arrivals” section. Can someone post a screenshot of it?

Aside from those already mentioned, what are the editorial/curated slices of content you reach for most in TIDAL?