Add To Library -- Not Working [Solved]

I’m on the album Camiile from Ilo Veyoy and tapping from an iPad on “add to library” has no apparent effect.

Hi Serge,
I’d suggest restarting the iPad, if the issue persists after that then we’ll ask the devs to investigate.

Hi Serge,
I think this is the same issue reported by a number of others. I can reproduce it and once the holiday delays are over I expect the devs will sort it out pretty quickly. I’ll stick this post in this thread and close it here so it’s easier for the devs to report back to everyone.

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Hi Serge,

Re-opened the thread, but can you explain what is happening or not happening in more detail ?

Cannot reproduce as it’s working fine now. I suspect it was due to some slowness however I pressed the button multiple times.