Add To Library not working [Tidal Favorites Limit Reached]

Add To Library is not working anymore, when clicking the button:

I’m getting this message:

And I can not add favorites from Tidal either, when clicking the star:

I’m getting this message:

​I have tried several different albums… same error :frowning:


As it’s also failing in the Tidal app itself it sounds like a Tidal issue rather than a Roon one.
You could try logging off Tidal and then logging back in … that can sometimes help resync accounts.

Are you able to play this album from Tidal?

I just tried adding that album in Roon and it works fine here [UK] (it’s playing as I type, my head is nodding), again suggesting it might be a [temporary] issue with your Tidal account or something’s up on the Tidal server you connect to.

If it doesn’t fix itself in a few hours try contacting Tidal support or maybe @palbratelund can find out for you.

Yes you are right, it looks like a Tidal problem… logging off/on doesn’t help.
I can play the albums without any problems it’s only a “add to favorite/add to library” problem.

Unfortunately this is not the first time I’m having issues with Tidal favorites.
Back in September - December my Tidal favorites was disappearing by itself in Roon every time I was starting the program. Somehow it was related to the amount of favorites in Tidal (I have +9500), Tidal solved the problem and it has been working flawless until now :cry:

I have contacted Tidal support with this problem as well.

Hi’ @vova & @mike

I got this answer to my problem from Tidal support :cry:

TIDAL Support [EM] (TIDAL) Mar 31, 13:40

I have been told you have reached the limit for favorites. Around 9500-10.000 is the max limit.
I suggest you add the albums to playlists from now on.

Best Regards,Erik

TIDAL Support

So in other words if you reach the max. limit you can no longer use Roon’s Add To Library… this is really really bad news :confused:

I know that Spotify had a tracklimit of 10000 songs, you can add to your library.
Did something similiar exists in Tidal? Is there a limit how many Tidal albums I can add to my Roon library?
Sorry, since Tidal didn’t have a forum I had to ask here.

Very interesting question! @palbratelund?

Answer is no. Think you might confuse this with a limit on offline tracks on mobiles.

I’ve merged @AE67’s topic into this one, so the history is together.

Hi @palbratelund, sorry to question your reply but it seems at odds with the email reply received by @VidarDK from TIDAL support (see above).

Would you mind double checking for us.
Many thanks.

Ok, so we have two contradictory answers now.
What is the correct answer?
Maybe someone can get an official answer from Tidal. In their FAQ are no informations about a limit.

There is a limit (according to Tidal support)… and I know now for a fact that the limit for albums is exactly 10000 :unamused:

I have made another Tidal account and started from scratch, and I will try to keep my Tidal album favorites to a minimal from now on.

Thanks for the info.

10000 albums is a big difference to 10000 tracks in Spotify.
With <1000 albums favorized in Tidal, I have a long way to go, till I come near the limit :smile: