Add to playlist command does not show all existing playlists

Hope this is the right page for this.

Prior to using Roon I had created a number of playlists on Tidal. All of those playlists appear in Roon.

But… when I am in Roon (as opposed to Tidal) and try to add a song or album to a playlist, Roon only offers two playlists for me to add the song to. I can create a new playlist but what I am trying to do is add the song/album to a playlist that Roon already knows exists – but does not offer me as a choice.

The result is I have to open Tidal, find the song and add it to the existing playlist there.

Can anyone explain how to fix this? Thanks!

@vova not sure if you’re the right person to tag or if I’ve even posted this in the right place. Can you advise me the best way to get this addressed?

Pretty sure you can only edit/change/add to playlists that were created in Roon.

Hi Geoff,

Check out Tidal Playlists in Importing Playlists KB article.

Playlists imported from TIDAL are not editable in Roon at this time, and Roon does not support syncing playlists back to TIDAL.

You can “Save as a Local Copy” a Tidal Playlist in Roon. You can then add to it in Roon, however, it will not sync back to Tidal.

Cheers, Greg

@Greg and @SKBubba thanks to both of you.