Add to Tag from Queue screen

I use the queue screen a lot, from where I add tracks to library and also to various playlists.

It would be really useful to add my own preset tags to these newly added tracks all on the same screen.

Why are you unable to do so?

The option is not there on the 3 dot menu.

Why? Maybe the track on which you open the 3-dots menu isn’t part of your library (added from Qobuz/Tidal browser)? For me it’s there when I use it on tracks from my own library:

Note: AFAIK, there is no support for tags for objects that are not in a users library.

This is an ongoing problem I’m having with Qobuz tracks that are in my library but when I’m in the queue screen it does not see them as that.

So most-likely because you added the tracks from the Qobuz browser and not from your library then.

If this is not the case and you are doing things the right (Roon) way and adding the tracks from your library instead of the Qobuz browser, then you should open-up a thread in the support section to make Roon Labs aware of this (possible) bug instead of making a feature request for a feature that’s already present.

Its such a long winded way to do things Blackjack.

Surely if I add a track in the Qobuz browser, mobile app or wherever, it should be added to my Roon library.

Does that not seem logical? Is that not what integration is for, to keep all libraries in sync?

If you add a track or album from the Qobuz browser to the queue will not add it to your library.

Current behavior of Roon as far as I understand it:
All content in the Qobuz/Tidal browsers in Roon are references to the respective content from Qobuz/Tidal’s library. This remains the same even for content you added to your library. You have to fill-up your queue from the tracks or album browser (your library) in Roon to get references to content in your library which then allow you to use operations like favoring or “Add to tag”.

If your Queue is coming from Roon Radio, then even if you “Add it to your library”, what is in the queue is still something different, and not the library version. - visible when you add to playlist. It’s a stupid and annoying thing.

Roon should show all interactions (Add to tag, playlist, favorite etc) in the 3 dot menu, and if you choose any of them, implicitly perform an “Add To Library” and then perform the action.

And to those who will inevitably complain about “modifying” their library. It isn’t possible to have a tagged or favorite track that’s not in their library, so the concern is moot. I would argue that consistency should apply to playlists as well.


Totally agree with this statement Taz.

What a rigmerole.