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Hi there… I’m a digital DJ playing on a station called, it was setup during lockdown to allow DJs originally from Cork, Ireland to get together and play and chat with each other in the live chatroom… it’s been going now for many months. I have told many of them about ROON and they have all tried it out and love it… and would love to have the station on ROON also so it can be played on grouped ROON Ready devices… could this internet radio station be added to the list… we broadcast at 320kbps also… along with other resolutions.

What do I need to do to try and get this added…?

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I’ve added
A couple of queries: would you prefer the name to be with or without the full stop?

Do you carry advertising?

I’ve added a couple streams but I could only find 192k mp3.
If you let me know the URLs of others I can add them

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WOW!! Greetings from Ireland… and thank you so much for doing that so quickly for me and our merry tribe of DJs… :blush:

I think without the full stop before FM would be perfect Brian.

No advertising… and I don’t reckon there will be in the future either… just a fun DJ community hobbie at the moment.

I have it already added now… and I have informed all the other ROON users also.

Cheers again Brian for making that happen so quickly for use and I wish you and your family a safe time during these craziest of times :blush:

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Its now Unknown FM.

Stay safe.


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