Adding a Favorite should work better

IMO the add to library, heart logic really needs some work.
Let me provided this example…

I added this album to my library (to provide an example)…
You can see the heart appears. Great right…

Yet, if I then click on the album name in the now playing bar… I get this:

Clicking on black focus then provides this:
The album not showing in library?? this is very confusing, the system doesn’t seem to know its been added…

Clicking the + album icon… gives me the spinning icon again and again…

IMO, it would make sense as soon as an album is added to library, the track being played “updates” to the library track, so the album can be hearted, etc.
If or when the album is clicked on, this should be the library album.

Example shown from PC controller software.


It looks like you started playing the song, prior to adding the album to your library. If so, then the track playing is still the one not in your library. So, when you click the now playing screen, it takes you to the link to the version not in your library and thus displaying the +. However, since you already added it, you can’t add it again.

The solution is to add the album, then play the track. If you want it to function differently, then I suggest you add your vote to a thread in Feature Requests for this, or, make a new one if one does not already exist.

Also, you were adding on to a old support thread which no one would see, so I moved you post to a new thread. If you want the title to read differently, let me know.

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IMO this programming/software logic seems counter intuitive.

The experience above details a scenario which shouldn’t be able to happen.
The software is producing states of error (without messaging) which don’t need to be present.

Lets take this scenario:
If you discover a track you like (Yes its playing, makes sense if you are listening/discovery new music), and then you add the corresponding album to your library, IMO Roon software should update the tracks/album status, recategorising as library.

This seems logical, and would remove the experience I detailed above.

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I have also complained about this behavior in a different thread. Something similar happens when you add titles from albums not in your library to a playlist. When you add this album to your library at a later date, the title in the playlist still points to the album version not in your library. I don’t understand why Roon distinguishes between these two versions. However, the most ridiculous thing being that playing the track in the playlist also updates the play count in the album version that actually is in your library…

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That’s exactly what I keep finding. I don’t add to my Library until I have listened to a few tracks at least, but then can’t favourite tracks without going to the album version in my Library-rather than the queue/now playing-or even navigating back to the album screen where I added it. It’s soooo clunky and unintuitive.
As you suggest (and I have suggested elsewhere) if when you add an album it updated the version now playing and in the queue to the one in your Library, it would be a more logical experience.
Fingers crossed for a fix in an update soon!


I just wonder if the reason the user experience doesn’t follow our suggestion is because the code is difficult implement.

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Perhaps-but I’m pretty sure if they made it a priority they could do it? After all, they managed to build what, this aside, is an amazing listening/music discovery experience?
Fingers crossed one of the boffins gets bugged by it too! :joy:

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Well IMO that would make for a better user experience.
The software in its current state, produces errors, which negatively impacts user experience.

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Agreed that the favourites thing we’re discussing would be a BIG improvement :grinning:
This and TIDAL Daily Discovery mix not showing in the TIDAL tab (though I found a work around) are the only negatives I have had so far. Fingers crossed it stays that way!