Adding Album Art

I find I cannot add Album art images with the latest Roon on my iPad Pro.

This is the result after trying several image sizes and on different albums…

Any thoughts?

You tried and put an actual image into the clipboard instead of an URL to an image?

I get the same error on Windows 10 if the content in the clipboard isn’t an actual valid URL. In this case, I copied “qwerty”, and got the same error as soon as I clicked “Add image → Paste URL from clipboard”.

On the second screenshot, I grabbed the URL to your image, and it worked error free.

The url must already be in your clipboard before you click on the link “paste url from clipboard.” Select the image url, copy it to your clipboard, then select “paste url.”

Thanks for the replies. I was using the copy drop down, but if I select and paste a link text, it works…

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