Adding an External USB Antenna

How do I go about adding an exteranl USB antenna? I know nothing about SSH but I feel that that’s whats needed. I have antenna and have plugged it in but I know its not activating.

Are you talking about WIFI?

Yes. Can I use some other sort of antenna that I’m not familiar with. Very new to this RPi stuff.

I’m using an Edimax WiFi dongle on RPi running RoPieee.


Did you just plug & Play? I have an antenna already that matches my Asus AC router but when I plug it in, nothing happens

Yes, plug and play with RoPieee.
You need to install RoPieee over an Ethernet connection first, then activate wireless, enter SSID and passphrase, committ and reboot.

I’m already using Ropieee. Maybe the RPi doesn’t like my antenna. I buy the one you are using and try that. Thanks

Best to post in the RoPieee forum.
@spockfish, the RoPieee developer is very helpfull.

I thought that this was more a RPi thing than a Ropieee thing.

Looked up your USB adapter and it only does 150MHz. I get better than that with the internal antenna. I’m looking for something north of 500MHz via wifi AC. I’ll keey looking and also reach out to @spockfish to determine if there is a specific antenna I should use. Might depend on the Linux kernel he is using.

I do not think that speed is the issue but rather coverage/reach, but I’m no expert.

Some USB WiFi antennas need a driver.

I’ve successfully used this, sans driver or SSH commands, with an SoTM SMS-200.

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So I received my antenna. Unit was off, plugged in the antenna into 1 of the 4 USB slots in the Allo. Fired it up and Ropieee still shows it on internal antenna. Any idea how to fix this?

@xxx @spockfish

That seems like a Ropey question.

For me, on an SMS-200, the unit was plugNplay.

Sorry, good luck.

You need to re-configure. So just press ‘Commit Changes’, and then ‘Save Changes’ without changing anything. RoPieee will then run a configure step and will re-configure your network as well. If it has the driver for your external wifi dongle it will prefer that one above the onboard.

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@spockfish Connected to Ethernet and Upgraded to 2.428 and committed changes and rebooted. Now when I go to the Network tab, Scan for networks just spins forever and has disappeared from my WiFi section in my router.

Disconnected from Ethernet and rebooted with wifi dongle attached, had fast flashing green led for about 5 minutes then slow green and NO red light but still not showing up in WiFi section of my router.

Removed power, removed dongle and rebooting now. Getting fast green flash with the occasional red flash.

No WiFi. Logged back in via Ethernet. Go to Network tab and before I can do anything, WiFi scan begins and runs forever.

Any chance the Scan for WiFi can be delayed until we want to scan?

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