Adding an SSD drive to my Qnap NAS TS251+

I originally set up the roon server and database on my Qnap TS251+ which has spinning drives. After issues with drop out I have been searching through the submissions on the community support section and note that Roon DOESNOT recommend this but requires an SSD drive to be used, albeit the music files Mp3/Flac etc can be left on the spinning drives.

My query is can I just copy the existing files under the roon server folder from my existing drive to the new SSD I have.

Or do I have to reinstall the roon server on the SSD drive of the NAS.

I am connecting the new SSD drive directly to the NAS by way of its usb 3.0 connection and will therefore have the internal spinning drives and the SSD drive on the same NAS
Thanks for your help

I have been running Roon on a TS251+ for quite a while now with no issue whatsoever. I do have 8GB ram in it which helps, but I also have a load of docker images running on it as well along with other services including video and audio transcodes.

The disc are just the usual WD reds.

Doo you have a really huge library?

Hi Adam
My TS251 also has 8gb Ram and my library is not that big about 500 albums. The music is still on the standard drives and I have just copied the database onto the SSD and renamed the old database folder. It seems to have worked. I am connecting to my aV system through AirPlay. I’ll see how I get on now with the dropouts

Adam, I have the exact same setup. WD Red with the TS-251+ and I certainly did experience a lot of dropouts in the beginning. I later found that is was down to my very old TP-Link router/modem. I have upgraded my modem/router and all is well, BUT, I still have issues if I want to do crazy DSP or upsampling of high-resolution FLAC to DSD, which likely puts a strain on the QNAP, even though I have the full 8GB of RAM installed.

One thing I am planning to do is to transfer the ROON data and installation on to a Corsair SSD thumb drive plugged into the back of my QNAP, this should certainly increase the responsiveness of the “Discover” feature on ROON. Hope that helps!

If you are running heavy DSP - then yes I expect you may get drop outs.

I am not sure that SSD is the answer there as I guess CPU spikes will be issue. I would have a look at the system dashboard on the NAS and see what CPU usage looks like. I suspect however that the values you see are averaged and so it wont tell the whole story.

I briefly tried 768K up-sampling and I wasnt surprised when it all coughed and spluttered (TS-251+ into a Raspberry PI with a Project S2 DAC via USB).

I suspect that if you want heavy DSP, then ultimately there is no avoiding the need for a bit of extra CPU grunt - ie an intel NUC or similar to run ROCK for eg. The TS-251 is fine for me because I don’t have a massive library and all DSP is usually switched off. I do however run several zones along with FHD video media streaming from the NAS.