Adding an SSD just for the Roon database to an existing Linux server [Resolved]


I am running a dell T20 with Roon amongst other things (Plex) etc. installed on it. I want to move the roon database to an SSD without re-installing. Can I just add an internal or external SSD and just relabel the ext4 volume name and have Roon find the disk automagically or what do I need to do.?

why do you wish to avoid a re-install?

Backup the DB on an external drive or Dropbox or wherever, install SSD and install Roon on the SSD, then recover the saved DB to the new installation

I want to avoid re-install as I am running 5 other apps on the box and don’t want to have to set it all up again.

Which flavour of Linux do you have?

You could install the new SSD, move the DB to it, rename the old DB it’s original location and symlink the DB

Assuming you’ve decided to dedicate the entire disk to Roon’s database, and that you already know how to format and mount a new hard disk,

  1. Stop all Roon services: sudo systemctl stop roonserver.service
  2. Temporarily rename the existing database: sudo mv /var/roon/RoonServer /var/roon/RoonServer.bak
  3. Create a mount point for the new disk: sudo mkdir /var/roon/RoonServer
  4. Add an entry for your new disk to /etc/fstab, specifying the directory above as the mount point
  5. Mount the disk: sudo mount /var/roon/RoonServer
  6. Copy the original Roon database to the new disk:
    - sudo su -
    - cd /var/roon/RoonServer.bak
    - tar cf - * | ( cd /var/roon/RoonServer ; tar xf - )
  7. Start Roon: sudo systemctl start roonserver.service

You can remove the old database directory (sudo rm -rf /var/roon/RoonServer.bak) once you’ve confirmed that everything works correctly on the new disk.



Hi Adam,

Thank you so much exactit the idiot proof guide I needed.