Adding artist image with Android remote

How can I add an artist image to an artist page if Roon doesn’t provide one (‘No image’)? On my Android tablet the Artist editor only offers a checked box to prefer Roon, but no ‘Edit’ option, unlike the other parts of the artist information.

You do not have the option on a mobile remote. Need to use a full computer remote, afaik.

Hi @Rugby,

Got it. Thanks. Do you maybe know why the artist image sometimes only shows as a small picture, and sometimes as a ‘spread’? Something to do with image quality and size I guess…

Yes, Roon decides what to do with the picture depending on it’s ratio and pixel resolution, Let me check, I know the exact numbers are on the forums somewhere…

Here ya go!

Great. Thanks. Seems I’ve got some work to do… :grinning:

There is a feature request for this:

Unfortunately no updates from the Roon team for quite a while…