Adding Artwork: Is a URL the only way?

I have a couple of indie cd’s and there’s no online artwork. I’ve scanned the cd covers and added them to Mac Photos but can’t figure out how to get them onto the Roon Artist page and individual albums. I even used used “create an iCloud url” but that was rejected. Does anyone know how to accomplish this through Roon? My setup is a MacMini M1 serving as a Roon Server and an iPad serving as the controller. I’m trying to add the artwork via the iPad. Any help appreciated! Thanks

When you look at the edit album dialog and select add album cover you’ll see two options. One is to add URL and one is to browse to location. Select browse, navigate to your scanned image and select it. Save everything and you’re good to go. Edit: after typing all of the above it appears the browse option has been removed from Roon 1.8. This looks like an unwanted change introduced by build 763. Time to talk to Roon.

Okay, it looks like this is device specific. On my IPhone I can’t add or edit images. On my IPad I can only add URLs. On my PC I can upload an image using the browse function I described above.

Thanks for your insights! It seems that Roon encourages the server mode but then limits what you can do via the remote control. Truthfully, it seems easier to add art to the album covers via iTunes but that leaves the “Artist” background picture in Roon blank. I should be able to add a picture from my photos library via browse or copy/paste. Why do I have to have a url? Frustrating!

I’m not sure what device you’re using, but it seems I could copy/paste images in Roon 1.7 using my IPad. I typically don’t because it’s much easier using a PC. BTW, using a PC is not server mode. My PC is just another remote just like the IPad and IPhone. Even if the core is installed on your PC, the interface acts just like any other remote.

If I understood correctly you want your indie albums to display the artwork. Have you tried embedding the scanned artwork on the files?

My only issue was adding the “Artist” wallpaper artwork to Roon. I was able to add individual album artwork via iTunes via copy and paste. In Roon, it seems unless there’s a URL, you can’t copy and paste or access a file on your computer to do that within Roon. The only option is via URL. I was able to find a website to upload artwork to and then finally download it into Roon. Is that the only way to embed artwork into the file? It seems so with regards to Roon. Perhaps this should be in the feature request section. Thanks!

The only full featured versions of Roon are the desktop (Windows, MacOS) ones. Use one of those if you need more options to add pictures.

Thanks! That clears it up.

Its in fact the only use case when I ever go to the Mac App: If I cant get a picture in on iOS via link.

It would be so easy to add a copy/paste feature in iOS for picking pics from Photo App or FilesApp. Not sure why its not there…

I purchased a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse simply so I could interact with my Mac Mini M1 running Roon Server. Even with that ability, apparently the Roon server running the core won’t allow the additional methods to add artwork. Puzzling…

Roon Server is just that, it doesn’t come with the Control (UI) part to interact with. You need to install Roon, the full package, in addition to get the Control (UI) part. See also:

Thanks again!

Appreciate the help! Makes total sense to install the Core package versus Server as I can connect my MacMini via HDMI to the TV and don’t need a headless package. Thanks for clarifying this as now, I can browse for pictures to add artwork.

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