Adding Calm Radio (ad free) to Roon (ref#3FSNGP)

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I have a paid subscription to Calm Radio (ad free). How can I add it or channels to Roon?

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Roon server set up with iMac and runs on WiiM pro plus.

Connected Audio Devices

WiiM pro plus

Home Network Details

Server connected to Ethernet on ATT router.

You can’t at this time. I think there is a Feature Request where you could add your vote.

Premium channels can be added via your my live radio if you can obtain a URL from the provider. Typically these will include a user specific token. Doing it this way ensures that only you can play the stream. Obviously we wouldn’t add it to the general database.

Users have done this for such streams; e.g.

I have no idea if Calm Radio can provide these; your best bet is to email their support.

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