Adding chromecast audio device to a zone

Im running my core and server from my microsoft surface book. My computer is connected to the network through WIFI, it works splendidly. My main output device is an cambridge audio 851n which is LAN connected. The computer and 851 are linked as a zone. I purchased a chromecast audio for my mancave stereo system and got it installed. Though I can stream perfectly through it I cannot link it to the established computer/851 zone. Is any workaround possible?

Hello @edgar_betancourt and welcome to the forum.

Roon allows grouping of zones of the same type only. As the Cambridge Audio 851N has no built-in ChromeCast support, you can’t group it with the ChromeCast Audio.

If you replace the CCA with a RPi running Ropieee and a suitable DAC or digital out HAT you should be able to group it with the 851N. Take a look at the #audio-products:raspberry-pi and #audio-products:ropieee sections of the forum for further information.

Thanks for the info. Looks like Ill leave it as is.
I love my roon and its sounds flawless through the 851 but Im not willing to screw around with more software. Why cant manufacturers just make it simple??? I know the answer but its still disappointing😉