Adding composer to album

Hello, I am struggling with composers, and particularly how to add a composer to an album that does not have one or has a wrong one. I do not see anything in Edit Album that would let me do that. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I would suggest adding it to the actual files.

I would as well. It is possible to do in Roon but it would be easier to tag the correct composer using an outside tag editor. Then you just tell Roon to use the data from your file instead of its own.

If you want to do it in Roon, you have to go to the edit track section by using the triple dot meant at the end of the track (or at the top of the window if you selected multiple files) and you can edit the composer in the “Credits” editor

Have a look at MP3Tag orTagscanner both free tag editors

I assume that we are refering to classical music here. So all I say is in regards to classical music.

One of the most important things Roon does right is to support the concept of compositions which are interpreted resulting in recordings you find as tracks on albums.

You should therefore always assign a composer to a composition and then tie the composition with the performing artist to the track.

It is also possible to additionally add the composer to the album. When you edit the album you can add composers the same way as you add performing artists. Just click the plus sign and add a person and choose the role composer. But again: to leverage the potential of the composer you need to tie it to the composition not the album.

If you have an active streaming subscription Roon most likely knows the composer and the composition. If you add an album from tidal or qubuz to your library roon also adds the composition and the composer and you can use that. This will then stay even if you delete the tidal album afterwards.

Very helpful, thank you. What I was missing is the fact that Composer is in the CREDIT screen. I was looking for composer in the EDIT ALBUM screen. And then I did not realize that the same composed piece is listed only once under composer, but if I have in my library multiple versions once I click on that piece it will show me the various albums where I can find it.

Quite slick, I must say - thank you!