Adding data to an album in Roon

I tried to find info on this but, if it is documented, I was unable to find it. So I experimented.

One album had no information supplied by Roon so I devised a WORD file with graphics and text, converted it to pdf format, then saved the file in the MS Windows explorer music file. And hey presto - there it was ready to open in Roon.

So, if I do not like the ROON selected review of the album (and yes, that does apply to some) then I can add my own and add anything more I want about the album, even extending to opera Opera librettos!!! And these added files can be in a readable font size or can be expanded on the iPad to give a much more practical read than the small type offered in the booklets accompanying album sets.

ADDENDUM: Unfortunately what I describe above only works with music files I’ve downloaded. It appears that files from ripped CDs do not integrate with pdf files for display with Roon.
A task for developers?? @support

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I reverted it … @support needs to be in body text not the header.

Thanks Carl.

My “brainwave” re librettos is not as good as hoped as not all librettos are in the original AND English languages. But some are so it would be a great addition to Roon if they, and other data, could be added.