Adding multiple songs to a playlist at once

I’ve started trying to make a playlist in Roon for the first time - normally, I make my playlists in Media Monkey and then import them into Roon. But this time I wanted to do it in Roon so I could mix my local, Tidal, and Qobuz stuff together.


Yeah, not so much.

It seems I can only add an entire album at once to a playlist or I have to add each song individually, one at a time, to the list. I can’t seem to select multiple songs and add them all at once to a playlist. I have to assume I’m missing something because I’m having a hard time believing that something like this wasn’t included by default. That’s beyond lazy. In fact, that borders on being crippled.

So, the question is, how do I add multiple songs from one album to a playlist, all at once?

Hi @Shane_Morales i do it from the Album on iPad or iPhone. Long press the first track you want to select it. You will then notice that each track has a select button to the left of it. Select each one you want or select all from the drop down box, then click add to playlist and add to an existing playlist or create a new playlist like you normally do.

If you are doing it on computer, it is a right mouse click and then select your tracks. :grinning::grinning:

Hi. This just adds the entire album for me. Even if I have just one song selected, it adds the entire album.

Right clicking just deselects the track.

Bring up the album from which you want to add tracks:

Right-click on a track you want to add. Note that the play buttons at the left of the tracks turn to selection circles, and the number of items selected shows up at the top of the screen above the album art:

Select more tracks. You can left-click or right-click; once you’re in selection mode it doesn’t matter. Here tracks 1, 4, and 6 are selected:

Click the three-dots icon next to the bit at the top of the screen that shows how many tracks are selected, not the one next to the album art:

Select “Add to Playlist” from that popup and only your selected tracks will be added:


Many thanks for @Marc_Frank for taking your hand and and guiding you through the process so diligently. In my system, if i right mouse click a song the select button appears and the new drop down box appears every time!!

And whilst i very rarely get snarky with people on the forum as we all like to help, I now think that perhaps the correct response for you @Shane_Morales would have been as follows:

Read the help center knowledge base article.

This was perhaps the giveaway line that I ignored given you have been on the forum since February.

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That was the first thing I checked when I read his first post.

Thank you, sir. This was very helpful.

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A little additional thing: Once you start the multiselection with the right-click, you can also select a range by holding Shift as usual. In fact, you can select several ranges at once by starting each new range with a right-click and then holding Shift.

Multiselection also works for albums, artists, etc., and you can make edits or add tags to the multiselection by going to the (…) button at the top just like when adding to a playlist

Good album BTW

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As for the Snark, I’m Sorry Not Sorry about that. It honestly never occurred to me that something as simple and straightforward as making playlists would be so non-standard in Roon that it requires a dedicated webpage with screenshots to describe how to do correctly. And “totally uncalled for” is how I feel about a developer swapping what the left and right mouse buttons do on a Windows mouse. That, to me, is a crippled Windows experience.

You can’t select more than one range concurrently in Windows File Explorer as far as I know, so I consider the behavior a very useful one that is appropriate for the task. Similar to how Excel has a way to select multiple cell ranges, which is also non-standard.