Adding new music to a Synology NAS installation

I installed the Roon server on a Synology DS916+ and restored the library backup from an earlier PC installation and it all scanned and installed perfectly (2018-03-07 version from RoonOnNAS).

RoonServer is on an SSD (volume2) and the music files are on HDDs (volume1).
Music directories are set as local (to the NAS).

The problem comes when I add new music to the music directories, it doesn’t get added to the Roon library.

I tried Settings > Storage > Force Rescan on the directory and it appears to complete in less than a second, but nothing is added. On the PC version it scanned for many seconds.

If I edit the ID3 tags on an existing track, and rescan the album, it shows the changes, but not for completely new albums.

Any suggestions?

Hi Roger567,
Can you check in the Roon settings -> Library -> Skipped files, if these files were skipped for some reason?
Does that happen for all new music files or particularly with one album that you are trying to add right now?
Does a restart of the core make any change?

Thanks for the suggestion, but fiddling around randomly I may have fixed it.

I disabled SMB1 in Synology File Services and limited it to SMB2 with large MTU and SMB3.
Now it works and now doesn’t even need Force Rescan.

Can’t say I understand what I am doing, but it seems to be working for now.

BTW thanks for your Synology script - that made the installation easy.