Adding radio station from TuneIn do not work

Hi Good morning

as you can see below, someone in the past solve me a problem with a internet radio that I had problems, now I again I paste in Roon the link from TuneIn, it recognizes it but gave me “Playback was interrupted because a track failed load”

the radio works flawlessly in TuneIn so I do not know what to do, any idea?

Argentina/Buenos Aires/ Radio Horizonte 94.3



Hello @Claudio_Osorio , I’ve added Radio Horizonte 94.3 for you. Please check if OK.

The problem was due to a long standing bug in Roon concerning https streams. I used an alternative.

thanks a lot, really super fast.

it doesn’t work “Playback was interrupted because a track failed load””

Sorry, it Works now, it works, thanks for so fast, thanks for your time, Thanks!

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That’s good, you had me worried for a bit there.

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