Adding Second External HDD

I have my music collection stored on a G-Technology External HDD. Unfortunately, my drive is in the OS format that does not allow additional music to be added to the HDD. My solution is to take advantage of the second USB port and add a second G-Technology External HDD formatted in NTSF so I can increase my collection as needed.

My question is this. Do you connect the second HDD to the NucleusPlus while it is running or do you need to disconnect the NucleusPlus before adding the second HDD. Since the G-Tech drive has an on/off button I could connect it then turn it on. Which is the correct procedure.

Another question is will the NucleusPlus recognize the new drive and automatically add the albums stored on it or do you have to tell the Nucleus of the existence of the second drive through the settings.

Thank you for your help

you can just add/remove USB drives from Nucleus freely

sidebar -> settings -> storage to add a “storage location” – you might need to tell it a subfolder on the drive to watch.