Adding the track credits in a compilation Roon is not able to match the name with the Tidal library

I have noticed that too frequently when I add an Artist to the track credits in a compilation, and the artist exists already in Tidal, Roon is not able to match the name on Tidal properly. Even if I take care that the name is properly written, he is not shown in the list and I must create a new artist. Consequently, if I click on the artist name later, he is not matched with the Tidal library and he appears as a completely new entry. If instead I search tidal for the same string, there is plenty of results. Does anyone encounter this issue as well?

Yes, this has happened to me when adding composers. I have got round it by temporarily adding an album with that composer, then linking to that person (who now shows), and finally deleting the temporary album.


Got it… Sonyou say that credits can only be matched with artists within the local library and not on Tidal. If that is the case then it is definitely roon’s issue. Thank you for sheding some light.

No, not necessarily. But it does happen sometimes.

What I experience is much more frequent than sometimes unfortunately. Do you know if roon are working to fix it?

I don’t know. For me the problem is rare enough that I fix it as and when. If it is troublesome for you then let’s flag @support.

Hi @simoneratti ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. @BrianW I appreciate you flagging us down here (:+1: )

Simoneratti, I have moved this thread over to the support section of the community after seeing the PM you sent us. I have placed a feedback request with our tech team on this behavior and once they have updated my report I will be sure to share their thoughts with you ASAP.


Thank you very much.

FYI… I have tried adding the album of a Tidal artist who was not in my library already. Before adding it, I could not use the artist for track credits, unless I created a new entry which had nothing to do with the artist on Tidal. After having added one of his albums from Tidal into my library Roon has correctly offered me him as an option. So… it appears that Roon cannot query tidal directly when editing track credits. Its only resource seem to be the local library. By the way… I am using ROCK on a NUC… I am not sure if this info is valuable. Thank you for your great work!

Not true. As I said above, the process usually works and Roon will find the artist from the tidal catalogue. There must be something funny with your setup. I have no doubt support will sort you out.


Good, I confirm you that in my case it happens 100% times. Do you use ROCK? … Brian, thx for helping me.

Ummm. Whoops and sorry. I have been doing some research on my own library and I fear that I am wrong and you are right. Because I have incorporated, and identified, many tidal albums into my library it is now the case that most composers I add manually are already in my catalogue. I have spent the last half an hour trying to find a composer that isn’t known to my library, though known to Tidal, and getting Roon to identify correctly when I try and add as a credit. To my surprise I couldn’t.

Apologies for misleading you.

No misleading… in a way or another you root caused the issue. Ciao!

Hey @simoneratti – I think @BrianW has you on the right track here. Two posts that you should read, and then feel free to flag me down if you have additional questions.

I think my post here will help answer your question:

This is also related:

This is worth reading too, since it goes into detail about how Roon handles Artists and Performers.

And finally this is a good reference too.

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