Additional Sort Criteria

I want to ask for addition of new sort criterias.

First added
Added in month, year etc
Show only added in year, month, from… etc

I think you can do most of that in the focus window - added in particular years, months, etc. Take a look.

Click on the Added graphic in Focus and bookmark it when you’ve got what you’re after

Thanks Guys!

I would like to see all albums on Nas1or Nas2 or Nas3 etc…added in May 2003 or added in a specific date range

Use multiple focus for that. I think what you need is there already. Just gave a play with it some more using multiple focus criteria.

Yep - to see all albums on, e.g. Nas1, click on focus, then inspector, then storage locations - and pick your NAS folder.

To see all albums added in May 2003, click on focus, then added, then choose your import date.

Thanks again!
This helps a lot!
Very powerfull.

Dumb question time: where is the focus button / screen ?

Focus: Towards the top left of any of the “collection” browser pages:

When clicked a window like this is displayed:

It’s an extremely powerful search tool.