Adjust track duration tolerance to increase likelihood of album identification?

Is there any method to increase the tolerance of matching timings on tracks so that album identification occurs more often? I am finding that with digital downloads that often a track here or there is perhaps too far “off” from what the official metadata suggests (which is often based on the CD physical media I suppose). I can’t find a setting to adjust the tolerance on this, if indeed this is user adjustable?

Is there a way to solve this?

A typical example from the Beethoven piano sonata set by Andras Schiff:

I agree that the track times can be a bit of an issue when it comes to identifying albums. There are many versions and sometimes the tracks aren’t even in the same order.

Still. don’t you think it’s better to get your acknowledgement where there are discrepancies?

I’d sure like the option to “add my version” to the database though. I see this a lot when ripping SACDs, as they tend to vary in track lenght.

What would be great is a slider (in Roon Settings) to increase the tolerance slightly, especially if most of the tracks match – but you are right, in very rare cases track variance signifies a mismatch of identification that is helpful to know about.

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For clarity, another typical example: 1 track of an entire opera is off by 6 seconds. It is unnecessary friction, in in my opinion.

Moving to the Feature Request thread, for future consideration. I estimate that perhaps 1/3 of my digital downloads this year had this issue (a relatively small number of tracks off by a very small % of duration).