Adjust volume with mouse wheel

I’m still looking for it, and I’m disappointed it wasn’t in 1.3. It gives much better control than clicking on or clicking and dragging a slider.

Changing volume in Roon feels more awkward than in any other program I use. In JRiver MC, for example, you can hover the mouse pointer near the top of the screen, and scrolling the wheel will then change the volume. No need to click – and since mouse clicks are what cause sore wrists and shoulders from RSI, eliminating them when possible is ergonomically valuable as well as convenient.


+1 Adjust volume with mouse wheel is Essential for the ergonomics of Roon


Agreed. I broke down and set up a Windows based laptop so I could control Roon from a desktop. This is the first thing I noticed…no volume control via mouse wheel.

I’d be happy to have to move the mouse cursor over the volume icon to activate volume control via the mouse wheel.

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This please, at least as an option. Please allow adjusting the volume using the mouse wheel by hoovering the mouse cursor over the volume symbol. This should also be possible when the volume scroll bar is visible after opening the volume control popup.

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Mouse wheel or trackpad, I’d like to add. Roon, take a page out of Sonos’ book! where you can just move upward or downward with two fingers, hovering over the volume control. With Roon, its another click away, which is a bit unnecessary.

Bit of a necro, but this is one of the biggest annoyance i have atm - can’t control volume by simply scrolling while hovering over the volume icon.

Any chance of this getting added ?

Since current OS’s and apps. don’t require “Focus” for the mouse wheel to work, and I think I’m quickly scrolling up/down in the Roon Community, but forget that the cursor is hovering over Roon Remote… I could very well go deaf in a matter of seconds. Not to mention other Remotes in the house that could do the same.

For me, no thanks.