Advanced feature bundle plugin for super users

As a spinoff from this thread:

It got me thinking that it would be great to have an option of a no holds barred plugin that will enable highly desired features that require powerful servers and top notch network gear in order to run smooth. But the one caveat will be, just like folks who are making “MOCK’s”, there’s no support if there’s any issues. So this means putting on your big boy panties and sucking it up if features don’t run smooth on your particular setup. This will mean if you want it to work smooth as silk, you’ll need to use pre-defined proven setups that others confirm work flawlessly, or experiment on your own.

This is a FANTASTIC idea!

I love it and would like to make the first request for functionality. Personally I think it would be great to take advantage of the wonderful Roon interface for cryptocurrency mining. Sure, this isn’t part of Roon’s core mission nor is it even remotely related to music playback, but like DSP it’s just math. Roon’s devs are smart guys so it shouldn’t be a big deal to implement the functionality even if there’s no demand nor business case for it.

I doubt that this would take any meaningful time away from the features and functionality that Roon’s customers actually want.

Seriously, Roon never has been and never will be the perfect solution to all users. That’s never been stated as a goal and the Roon team has been commendably focused on executing their vision. If someone wants to get all propeller-head and geek out on tweaky features then there are plenty of alternative solutions out there. They aren’t as polished and don’t have the features that make Roon a great platform but, frankly, the absence of the geeky propeller-head crap is the reason that Roon is a great platform.


Yeah it really takes a propeller head to want a functional volume control for DSD. Yes I understand as a dealer that this takes 1 box sale away, but some end users prefer better sound and convenience for less money.

Basically according to Brian, it’s only a $75 router issue away from implementing a core-side DSP volume control for native DSD with any of the ROCK supported NUC’s, and having it function smooth. Because it’s a network gear issue, not a CPU power issue. Not exactly a big deal. Big deal with a $50 router from 2004. Not a big deal with a $75 router from 2017.

Another reason for core-side volume control is for when Roon is used with Ravenna endpoints. Ravenna ensures millisecond latency between server and endpoint. So lag isn’t an issue, and volume control needs to be core-side to have Roon handle the processing.

I hope some XTC (Crosstalk cancellation) plugin possible in ROON as plug in later!

Great feature to add to the bundle!