Advantage of S88 over e68 + Streamer

Thinking about getting an exaSound DAC/Streamer and the price difference between the two options is over 2000€.
So, what are the advantages of the S88.
By the way: I don’t need XLR outputs.

There is a thread which talks about the S88 and the e68. that might be of some interest.

Some days ago, I’ve already read this thread, without really getting an answer for my question.

I asked myself this question and finally purchased a e68. I think it is worth splitting the Dac and the streamer in case of upgrade or error with one of the 2 boxes. I also understood that the s88 was more like a e38 than a e68 but I may had a bad understanding of the Stereophile test.

I just read that the s88 mk2 was now available. I am quite happy to see that I did not purchased the original one two months before.

The e68 is a really good Dac.

Now I’ve ordered the e68 (at the moment I’m using the Octo DAC 8 Pro) and try it with a decicated Windows Roon endpoint.

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