Advantages Linux Bridges / RPi-4 / Ubuntu Server 64 vs RoPiee

I am new to Roon and Linux and streaming Audio.
Thanks for your time and comments. I have a few questions

Question 1: OS choice for Linux bridges using RPi-4
Any advantages of using Diet Pi or RoPiee over Unbuntu Server 64 Roon Bridge with a RPi-4 ?
“I didn’t configure a HAT for the RPi-4 yet? Soon will purchase a HAT just using the OEM audio on RPI-4 out for now. Wanted to prove conductivity. Planning to go HAT as soon as I make a OS choice”

Roon Bridge armv8 configurations detailed in Roon information works very well. Not a problem at all…
Thanks to the Roon team for the linux command lines. Works like a charm! Add this to the list of working systems.

The advantage of RoPieee is that it offers an appliance-like Roon endpoint, with automatic updates and a nifty web GUI. For people who want either (a) more custom options or (b) to run other stuff a better option is some other OS (like DietPi).

Thanks for the points. Planning to try RoPieee soon.