Advice about devices to run Roon with 10TB HDD

My system consists of a Bel Canto Streamer, BelCanto Dac, Atma-Spere front end. I have a larger size library. Can run from PC to Streamer. But the Streamer won’t except larger than a 2Tb HD. So looking for a good not to expensive solution to run Roon and my 10 Tb HDD. Have extra space for for future expansion. So from my research it looks like NAS, NUC, or build PC. What would you Roon pros suggest?

If it weren’t for the need to use your HDD, then I’d say something like this -

A NAS will take your HDD, but I don’t believe it is optimal for running Roon Core. Others will disagree.
From what I understand only QNAP has enough horsepower to run Roon core unless you go way up market in Synology.

Do you really need a 10TB HDD for Roon purposes?

I should have mentioned it’s an external drive

Ah, well that makes it easier.

If it’s a USB drive, then I completely recommend a NUC.

Before I built a Ryzen media machine (really just to tinker) I used an i5 NUC with an external USB drive.

No problem. Many people run that way.

It was on sale when I bought it. Lol

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Definitely a NUC if you don’t want to spend the money for a Nucleus.

Would the smaller nucleus be work with my setup without additional hardware? Or would I still have to add a PC? I have an older pc. Not big enough to run Roon. So looking for a plug and play solution. External HD to (nucleus, nas, or Nuc) to Bel Canto streamer is my thought.

Just read the specs… I’d need the Nucleus plus. That’s out of my price range…

I think you would need a NUC to run Roon core and something like a Raspberry Pi 4 to act as a Roon bridge to your DAC. You can build a NUC for less than $500 and a Raspberry Pi 4 for less than $100.

Don’t let the word “build” spook you. These NUCS and endpoints require no soldering or other unusual mechanical skill. Just be prepared to read and follow directions. It’s a 30-minute journey to build a NUC ROCK or endpoint, give or take. SQ is equivalent to the Nucleus.

For you golden ear guys, never mind this post, and continue to pay top dollar for your pleasures.

I’ve built plenty on pC’s in my time. Was actually looking for parts. Not sure is any cheaper from my initial finding though

You guys have any good places that you buy from?

Amazon or Newegg.

So you guys think this will run Roon ok? High Rez and DSD files?

Here are the specs RoonLabs recommends, complete with amazon shopping carts for the US and Europe.

Mods, think it’d be possible to sticky a link to the ROCK breakdown somewhere ?

If you’re comfortable with building PCs, would like something passively cooled, and that’ll hold that 10Tb drive of yours, HDPlex should have you covered.