Advice for USB Headphone Amplifiers

Well portable is questionable, but it’s a 3/4 size amp, albeit quite deep. But an amp is more portable than speakers.

I’m couch surfing for two months while I wait on new house, so moving amp isnt too inconvenient

I am pleased to report that peachtree Amps built in headphone stage is excellent and far better than anything portable I’d have picked up for sensible money.

Valve driven, class A, and capable of driving the 650/6xx well into pain territory long before I run out of volume knob.

In fact the headphone stage of the nova seems to suit the sennheisers perfectly!

Now to work out a portable thing to play from. Annoyingly peachtree seem to have designed the DAC input to require some power from the connected device (no idea why but may be something to do with the way they have it isolated etc). So while my iPhone recognised the dac it says it requires too much power and won’t send audio to it.

Only solution would be an Apple £39 cable that powers external usb devices when connected to phone!

Right now I’m just using a connected laptop