Advice needed - recommendation for external SSD

Hi all,

I have been using a Samsung SATA EVO 870 SSD in a UGREEN enclosure connected over USB 3 to my iMac. (I prefer the quiet drive.)

However, this drive seems to have packed it in and although I managed to salvage almost all data I have now no confidence in this drive considering I bought it about a year ago. I have HHDs more than 15 years old which still work.

I have been looking at the Sandisk Extreme or Extreme Pro SSD V2 (now with NVMe) as a replacement but have seen mixed reviews especially about the heat dissipation.

Does the Sandisk become hot if accessed by Roon especially for prolonged periods of time and if so is this safe for the longevity of the SSD?

Any other recommendations for drives?

Cheers all!

They’re all pretty much the same. I‘ve had several Samsung SSDs, although all were mounted internally. Surprised you had trouble.

Maybe it’s just the UGREEN interface?

I use a Samsung 870 8TB SSD mounted inside in my Sonore SonicTransporter i9. Before getting the i9 SonicTransporter I used this SSD in an external enclosure with no problems with a SonicTransporter i7. This SSD is pricey but is worth the money if you want the benefits of SSD.

I have been using SanDisk Portable SSDs for years now without any trouble whatsoever.

Thanks all. Am getting a new enclosure first to see if that resolves things.

I’ve got a Western Digital SATA enclosed in this case. It rarely gets warm, never mind hot. The demands placed on an external drive, when used for music playback, should be minimal. You’re barely asking your SSD to break a sweat!

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Many thanks - will check it out!