Advice on best Roon set up for Kef LS50 wireless

I am new to Roon and basically am using Roon via a dell all in one PC connected via Ethernet cable as core I run fidelizer pro
And need advice on using parametric eq to boost the bass and treble.
I still run from another pc in my office my old hifi maranta p63 with tannoy se631 speakers and I use the source direct and loudness buttons to get a great sound for a system under £500 which nearly sounds as good as my new kef system!!
So I now have kef wireless ls50 speakers and whilst sound is good I want to boost the bass and treble. So far I have changed low shelf to 5 gain and high shelf to 3 gain. No change Io Frequency.
I just wish I had a loudness button as I don’t understand how to use all the different aspects.
So any kefls50 owners out there who can offer advice. I can confirm the default settings are generally disappointing
Cheers Alister

The KEF control app lets you save different profiles
When I was setting up my REL I saved various crossover settings so I could switch between them

Interesting I have different extreme profiles which when running with Roon seems to make no difference. By the way my experience with that app and the stream was why I opted for Roon to bypass it
Thanks for reply

I also use the KEF Control app. I can hear changes as I make changes on the fly, and while using Roon as the source. By using Roon, you are not bypassing the KEF LS50W DAC.


Me too, it’s independent of the source


Do you mean can/do they?
If yes, then, yes :grin:

Can you control the sub in the LS50 control app?
Yes; crossover point (for high and low pass), level, phase

Only one, though, the master speaker outputs a combined L/R signal. It works well though
The Mk2 has dual sub outs, I believe