Advice on connecting NUC / ROCK to the network

Hello, I need your advice on connecting a nuc to the network.
I’m thinking of buying a fanless nuc7i7dnhe and installing rock on it. I already have a rasperry allo digione which will serve as a player connected in spdif to my DAC.
From what I have retained recommendations seen in the forums, the most qualitative solution to connect the nuc and player digione is to use an RJ45 cable.
Since there is only one ethernet connection on the nuc I ask myself the following question:
what is the most stable and qualitative way to connect the nuc on the network (access hard disk, tidal, mutiroom …)
must connect to wifi on my router
or should it turn off the wifi and use a usb / rj45 adapter (is it compatible with rock)
last soluton, I forget the recommendations and I connect the nuc to the RJ45 network and the nuc and digione usb
thank you for your reply

I use a switch to hook up my nuc and RPis.

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First, use Cat6 cable and Cat6 RJ45 patch leads.

These days most Internet connection devices are a combined modem / router / wi-fi / switch with multiple RJ45 ports. So use the RJ45 switch ports on it. If you don’t have enough RJ45 switch ports on that device, buy a separate x- port gigabit switch. Connect it with a Cat6 patch lead to you Internet device, and connect your RJ45 leads to the new switch as well.

Have one Cat6 patch cable going from you Intel NUC to your switch. Have another Cat6 patch cable going from your switch to your Allo DigiOne.


I believe to “turn off the wifi and use a usb / rj45 adapter”. It’s compatible with rock. I did just that.

Nice that the rj 45 adapter work well with rock, it allow to “bridge core and player” in the same room, not possible with a second switch (modem / router / wi-fi / switch with multiple RJ45 ports is already in my garage and i’ve just some plugs in my listening room )
thanks for your replys.

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