Advice on distortion and EQ

Update:with more troubleshooting this has turned out to be an issue with my speaker drivers, still trying to nail down exactly what but the voice coils are the top suspect right now.


Apologies as this may not make a lot of sense.

Basically some songs have a certain frequency that seems to distort on my setup, I can put my ear up to the drivers and hear the distortion, my setup is as follows:

ROCK > Geek Pulse > Schiit Saga > Valvet A1r’s > Salk SongTowers

I’m listening to a lot more music now that I have Roon and that is why I’m noticing this stuff.

I am doing volume levelling and upsampling everything to DSD128, that is all fine.

So for example Waiting For The Night by Depeche Mode (rip from SACD as dsf) has this unpleasant distortion in it at around the 4.45 mark (with headphones connected in to the Pulse it sounds good, kinda like chanting and maybe a didgeridoo), it’s not nice to listen to (I suspect the A1r’s) and I’m wondering if I should try to remove whatever frequency it is with the PEQ in Roon, would it even be possible, is it advisable?