Advice on fanless case for nuc 8i7INH PA2

I have Roon Rock running (happily) on an Intel NUC 8i7INH PA2.

Unfortunately it has a fan. I think I’ve adjusted the bios settings to the lowest available (but not off) but I keep tuning into the fan working when I’m using the system its connected to. I have it direct into a Devialet D400.

Does anyone know of a fanless case I can rehouse the nuc board/storage into?


Have a look at the Alaska cases below. I have a Turing 2 on my Nuc 10.
Less than an hour to build and completely silent with no issues at all.

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+1 for the Turing cases, been running one 24/7 more than a year without issues, they look pretty nice as well.

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I’m not entirely certain this model NUC will be supported by Akasa. It doesn’t seem to be a mainstream model so unless it is constructed with the same I/O layout as the more commonplace boards it may not be an option.

I did wonder and it’s definitely best to check. I did Google and with the PAH model suffix got nothing. Searching for “NUC 8i7INH” unearthed the mainstream kit docs which suggest it’s still a UCFF board so is possibly ok.

Thank you for all the replies. I looked at Asaka cases but couldnt find one that matched the nuc model number.

Will have a look and see if any of the i/o layouts look like a match.

Thanks again for the replies

Good luck with your search.
Definitely worth it if you can find one

I’m using this one:

In conjunction with:

I didn’t check whether the NUC kit is compatible with your NUC version so better do some research on your own before ordering :wink:

Putting it all together took me one evening (including cleaning up the mess afterwards so my girlfriend wouldn’t have killed me the next day). The most annoying part was placing the heat pipes in with all that heat sink compound. Hopefully, I will never have to switch the internal hard drives :smiley:
Also, the user manual was sometimes a bit confusing because you’re using the case manual and the NUC kit manual side by side, but with some thinking it wasn’t a problem for me.

The case is a solid piece of metal with a very nice aluminum frontplate! It looks fantastic, I love it and it was definitely worth the slight frustration and time putting it all together!

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Thank you - that looks promising.

I think the NUC board I have has a slightly different i/o socket layout but I can look at a mod of the case panel for that.

Much appreciated.