Advice on music management software

Hi all. I have been using Itunes for years to manage my music library by automatically saving the music into the proper folder structure that I like. In the last couple of years the new music app has become progresively less reliable. I don’t use it to play the music at all, just to organize the folders and edit the metadata. I then sync changes to my nas and to my Rock thereby keeping redundancy. I plex amp from nas and roon from rock. What music management software are people using on the mac to auto sort/group the music files. I though of jriver but it is too bloated for my needs. Your advice is appreciated.

I’ve used MusicBee for years - extremely customizable and great file management and tagging tools. It keeps my files organized as I add new ones and I access/play them from Roon. A bit of a learning curve, but worth it. Lots of other options though.

I’ve heard good things about the software. Unfortunately Musicbee and Mediamonkey, also a well regarded manager for large libraries, are Windows only. No Mac version.