Advice on Tube Rolling

v\ My new Cayin MT-12N uses the following:

4 EL84H’s

1 12AU7

2 6N1’s

Any advice as to reasonably priced alternative to the stock tubes? They sound fine, but you know, tinkering…


I work for a tube amp manufacturer, and I get this type of question a lot. Unless you’re just looking to play with random different sounding tubes, my general recommendation is to figure out what you want to change about the sound of your system - more detail, warmer, brighter, etc. - then look for tubes that can help you accomplish this. Otherwise, you’re bound to go on an expensive goose chase on the search for “better” (whatever that means) tubes.

Then, once you know that, you can go to a reputable tube purveyor who can guide you like a sommellier. You tell them what you’ve got, what sound you’re looking for, and your budget, and they can guide you based on their knowledge and inventory.

For a reputable and knowledgeable tube purveyor, I highly recommend Brent Jessee at


Excellent advice. I’ll give this some thought and then contact them. Thank you so much.

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