Advise on BIOS setup on new NUC

Hello All. A complete novice on this particular subject so am seeking any advise or comments you may wish to share. The install guide mentions keyboards and monitors and the potential use of a mouse but coming form a MAC environment not sure how one use a keyboard on the NUC during the initial BIOS update and install. Is a bluetooth keyboard immediately readable during this process (before updating the BIOS and Codec, etc) or should the keyboard be wired (USB?)?
Can I use the hdmi port to patch to a iMac for use as a monitor during this initial install?
I have a USB mouse but no keyboards other than Apple"magic" bluetooth keyboard. Assume it won’t play well with the NUC.
Just want to get all this in line before I begin and these are the ones that may end up being issues during the setup.

Thanks for any comments.

I’m a Mac guy. I ended up bringing home my office keyboard that had a wireless dongle. Paired on boot with NUC. I never had to use mouse.

I’ve got an old wired keyboard and mouse tucked away in a drawer for purposes like this. As for the screen – I just hook it up to my TV whenever I want to update the BIOS.

Thanks to you both…

@guerph …did the Apple magic keyboard not work with the NUC?
@RBM…is your wired keyboard connected by USB?


Yup - mouse and keyboard both USB.

cool…off to get a usb keyboard…have a USB Mouse.
did you use HDMI from your NUC to your TV?

Thanks again

I bet you can find a USB keyboard at Goodwill. Recycling is good!

HDMI to TV works great

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great tip…thanks

are there any sonic differences between the use of an internal Samsung EVO SSD or an external Samsung T3 USB3 Samsung drive in the NUC?

In one word: no.

cool…picked up a 1Tb T3 external and a brand new $10 usb keyboard. It’s ugly and cheap but will do the job…thanks to you both for your assistance.
all the best

Do I still have queries ? Yes and will continue to have … :slight_smile:

Download and install Etcher from -> which one ?

if I m using PC x64 based processor, Windows 8 laptop, then
I pick up Etcher For Windows x64 (64-Bits) (Portable) from drop down menu for download?


you certainly will have further queries! I did the NUC build yesterday (never realised how small a NUC is) and that posed an issue. I could not find out where to put the M.2 SSD at first. It is tightly packed in directly underneath the 2.5 inch disc tray…

Onto the BIOS this morning and it was not straightforward to disable Network Boot. I did find it after going back to the main screen (was in Advanced for Boot order) eventually. ROCK installed without incident in what seemed like about 10 seconds or so. The reboot give you the IP address you then need to go to on another PC to load up the missing CODECS. This is where the fun starts…
You are asked to find a file, download it, uncompress it and then extract a single file from that set. Of course my WIN 10 PC could not uncompress that file format so I downloaded 7-Zip which can deal with anything and extracted the ffmpeg file. Browsing to the ROCK share was tricky at first but I got there in the end (used SMB in File Explorer as Windows did not see the share - smb://ROONOS_IP/Data).
Then back to the ROCK set up page at the IP to restart, which it does in seconds. Currently adding all my files (decided to start over rather than add my old library). It has churned through about 50,000 tracks in 4 hours or so so I won’t be playing any music until later today.

And 5 minutes after typing this I lose connection to the Core and the set up page…What to do now to diagnose a headless device? Quick check of the NUC and it has died… no power or lights on. Will check the power supply later (may have a laptop one I can substitute to test). Is there a reset button on a NUC I need to press, anybody?

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No expert mysel!..
Why? There is no power button? Can it be re-booted to factory settings?

I think your problem is bigger than just trying to reset your NUC (There is no reset on the NUC, This is not a true headless device) No power is a bad sign of something going really wrong… Hopefully is your PSU or your electrical source IE: Battery backup.

Good luck.


further investigation reveals the PSU is OK. NUC is completely without lights so I presume it has died. Removed SSD and RAM and still no joy so will need to return it for a new one. Back to my old laptop based Roon Core for a week then. :wink: