AES/EBU with Rock and NUC

my plan is to run ROCK on NUC, connecting to Genelec speakers. The Genelecs have AES only inputs with internal DAC.
What is the recommended way to connect the NUC with the Genelecs?

Using an USB / AES converter like or

Setting up a room bridge with Raspberry Pi / HifiBerry Digi+ plus an Neutrik connector

Thank you very much


The PUC2 is a good option. Should work well.

For RPi, you can also consider the 502DAC which has AES3 digital output (they include an adapter):

Some more fancy USB-to-AES3 converters (with some form of isolation built-in and high quality re-clocking right before their outputs):


Also, try emailing Genelec. I’m sure they can recommend a few USB interface for your monitors.

I’ve been very happy with a Pi, Allo DigiOne and a BNC to AES converter.

Me too.

Think this is the one I use.

Thank you Sean,
Very helpful. I think I will prefer the Pi solution wich gives some more flexibility and I do not like USB for audio. This is irrational, I know…
The 502 DAC looks very promising, so I have the choice between several audio shields.
Thanks again

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Thanks for that hint, Andy…

Mee too, works well.

Just out of curiosity, is it Genelec The Ones? And if so how do they sound? I have the Genelec G Four and have been thinking about upgrading to The Ones.

Yes, I am going for the one :wink:
Great album by YES…
I was always a friend of coax systems. But I suggest to listen with your ears if they will the right decision for you,

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Great album indeed:)
Are you going to use them out of near field (more than 2m from listening position). I was wondering how much it would affects the performance to use them 3m away which is my current setup.

I walk past Genelec office in London every day!

I will listen with 3m distance… Should be fine depending on your room. Non coax systems can be closer to a coax in terms of a point source in 3m distance but all other advantages will work…

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Sorry but I have to come back to your answer.
As I eil place the NUC into my listening room the USB converter seems to be an option.
Dir my understanding there should be no audible difference between an USB to AES converter running room on the NUC and an Raspi with HAT as an endpoint running the server on the NUC and the endpoint on the Rapi?

Sorry to make a question almost 2 years later haha. But I am thinking to buy a pair of Genelec 8341 or 8351, but, I am curious to know if you ended up making an RPi your streamer with an AES connection to your Genelec. And how are you handling the volume part? Because if I can achieve the RPi feeding digital, then I will save 1800 USD from the Matrix Streamer/DAC and I would purchase the 8351 instead of the 8341. Thanks! And sorry the bother

You can add a AES hat to the Pi. There are a few on the market such as the Pecan Pi DAC by Orchard Audio or the Pi Designs Pi2AES HAT.

Thanks. What I want to know is how to handle volume, as the RPi will be feeding the active speakers without a pre-amp, so how is volume handled? Via Roon? Via the speakers (I don’t think they have a volume knob or anything like that)

You can use DSP volume in Roon and set it to always start at a safe level.

How about using the Genelec’s remote control?

:exploding_head:. Nice, amazingly easy haha. Thanks!

Do you need to leave the glm network adapter AND the computer connected (ie the full functional glm) or only the controller to use the remote?