AES67 compatibility

Just wondering to what extent RAAT incorporates AES67 where Audio over IP is concerned?

Not at all.

According to Wikipedia:

Audio Specifications
Maximum sampling rate 96 kHz
Maximum bit depth 24 bits

Which wouldn’t make many people here happy. And that with a development date of September 2013.

Is this answer still valid ?

Some guy over at CA says Roon will work with the Dante Virtual Sound Card.
So even though we’re not talking Roon endpoints, equipment like active speakers will work.

Yes, still correct. RAAT does not incorporate any AES67 technology and Roon has no explicit AES67 support built in.

Roon can interoperate with some AES67 devices via ASIO/CoreAudio drivers that re-broadcast the audio over the network using AES67. This is likely how the guy on CA is doing it, and is also how Merging’s drivers work for their RAVENNA devices. This is a separate topic from the original question, though.

Hi Brian,

I am curious if roon incorporates any benefits of audio over IP, even if it doesn’t adopt AES67. In other words, does roon include any of the benefits of ethernet protocols used in pro audio?

If not, why not?

I imagine pro audio such as live and recording venues use ethernet extensively and somehow manage to produce very high sound quality. However in domestic hifi, sound quality can be improved with specialised switches, isolators and cables (and power supplies) but at considerable expense. What can software like roon do help achieve excellent sound quality with less expenditure on hardware?

Can pro audio approaches be modified, mimicked and scaled for domestic hifi systems?