After grouping 2 Ropieee's Flirc not working anymore

Hi Harry,

After I group 2 Ropieee’s in Roon I can’t use my remote anymore with my Flirc receiver. Buttons doesn’t work anymore. Ungrouping makes it work again. Is that a known limitation?

It used to be that your remote needed to be paired with your primary zone (eg the one you started with before you added other zones), but I am not sure whether that is still true.

Thanks. Maybe I made a mistake here: I tried to group with a NODE 2i, not 2 Ropieee’s. That might be the difference.

I just tried i againt: Start music on the Ropieee with the remote, then group it with my Node 2i RAAT player which I show the album art for over the network with Ropieee. After that the remote on the Ropieee doesn’t work anymore.

Will try 2 Ropieee’s again later.