After Roon updated on QNAP it no longer shows any album art

Hello BlackJack, and Thanks for these suggestions. I will give them a try.

Regarding working with Roon Support, I started that process in July and averaging only one email a week - sometimes not without my prompting them for a reply - I have gotten no where closer to a solution. In the middle of that three month process I did get escalated to them checking with the “engineers”, but this is even slower and so far yielded nothing significant.

My biggest concern is not my Album Art, but the preservation of my Playlists. Amazingly, they remain working well. I’d scrap the entire process and rebuild from scratch if I was certain I could reconstruct them.


Roon Rebuild

Well, I started this thread in June when I discovered my QNAP NAS server had been hit with a ransomware attack. By the time I discovered this my backup had also been hit.

My music still plays, all of my playlist still work, but after months of trying everything anyone suggested (including a dozen exchanges with the Roon support team), I still have no Album Art for my pre-ransomware albums. New albums show Album Art just fine, however … weird.

So, it seems like now I have to rebuild my Roon/NAS setup from scratch - wiping my NAS and reinstalling Roon and all of my thousands of Flac tracks on my server. My biggest concern is my extensively curated playlists.

First: Is there any clear way to preserve my Playlists during this process?

Second: What the best (right) way to completely rebuild Roon on my QNAP NAS? It’s been a long time since I first did this.

Thanks for any assistance anyone can offer.