After Roon updated on QNAP it no longer shows any album art

Hello, I’m not sure if this is where I should place this request for help, but here it goes … After recently upgrading to the latest version of Roon for QNAP Server (May 18, 2021) on my QNAP NAS, eventually everything went fine, except that I now no longer show any album art at all. This is true both on my MacBook Pro, and on all of my iOS devices.

Please advise.


Just chipping in here to ask, Have you rebooted everything again?

Thanks for your reply …

Do mean reboot Roon on my MacBook Pro & rebooting Roon NAS Server?

He means everything. The QNAP and all the other devices in the chain.

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Re start Roon or re start the NAS. That’s always the first port of call. Also, how much RAm has your NAS got available?

Hello, and thanks for the suggestions. I have restarted everything, first the NAS, then Roon Server on the NAS, then Roon on MacBook Pro, and Roon on iPad Pro, and still now album art. It was all there and running flawlessly prior to most recent upgrade. Now album art is missing.

Please advise. Thanks

Well, to make matters much worse, apparently Roon Server for NAS (QNAP) has allowed a ransomeware attack, and now most if not all of my files stored on my QNAP NAS have been encrypted! Even my latest backup of Roon Server for NAS has been encrypted. This explained why Roon has been acting so strange for the last couple of weeks.

Does anyone have any idea where I should begin to resolve this issue?

Do you have the Malware Remover app on your QNAP?

Are you sure the Roon app is to blame as there are other vulnerabilities in the QNAP system or just your own setup that could allow an attack in? To be honest I don’t think NAS drives are good for anyone without the knowledge to lock them down properly and so many are left wide open to the internet.
I do think if QNAP and other manufacturers are going to market these devices to the average computer user they need to make sure there is a easy mode to make them secure or simply block incoming access.

Question: Since the ransomeware attack, for some reason, didn’t encrypt FLAC files all my music survived. But Roon will not connect from my MacBook Pro, likely because the support files are all encrypted. Does this mean all of my meticulously curated playlists are lost (assuming I don’t pay the ransomeware fee, which I will not)?

I recently backup up Roon vital folders and files to my Mac, but now I see that backup was encrypted prior to my discovering I’d been attacked …

Wait … regarding my previous comment above, Roon now opens and my playlist do appear! While this is still available to me, what files/folders should I attempt to backup to protect my Playlist and personal settings?