Roon Server for QNAP (x64) is officially available in the QNAP AppCenter!

I don’t know, but all your installed apps shown in the screenshot are outdated. Music Station is on 5.3.11, Photo Station on 6.0.8 b.t.w. the current QTS (the QNAP NAS OS) version is Please check.

I updated them. Not the firmware - which was never a problem with QNAP and won’t be as there are no features involved.
Unfortunately this major bug is affecting many Roon users.

Not that I’m aware of. Most (all?) of the others, including me myself, just have to de-authorize the core and Roon is running again – but this is not your support thread here anyway.

Ya sure it‘s already covered in an own thread. But just here to make sure people get the most recent version of Roon for QNAP which seems not automatically linked with the QNAP App Store.

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The QNAP App Center should make you aware of new version. If you have an old version installed it will look like this and you have the option to update:

I submitted an update to the App Store which will hopefully appear soon, and resolve the reauthorisation issue in build 571.


This is great news. Thanks Christopher. Keep up the great work.

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Would never have tried Roon if not for the QNAP version. Thanks Chris!

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*** Edit: OK, found the update!****

Did this ever make it into the store? How do I force the update? Pls see my posting in support today or this issue.


Hi @crieke and news on this?

In the meantime, in can be installed manually, see …

It was not in the QNAP store as of this morning. That said, I did the update manually so I don’t really need it to be in the store.

Thanks - did the same here after I found the location.

I’ll send them a mail and ask, if there is something that is causing a delay…
(ASUSTOR already managed to publish the update…)


Many thanks … fingers crossed …

The Roon QNAP package is now in the QNAP App Center for those who wish to update to the new version. Just wanted to let everyone know.

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I just noticed that there is a new QNAP Roon Server update in the QNAP App Center. It is dated 2020-07-15. I installed it this morning and it seems to work just fine. Just an FYI for everyone on the QNAP.


What is the changelog / update?

QNAP Changelog


Whilst waiting for QNAP to re-approve the installer … it can be manually download …

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