Roon Server for QNAP (x64) is officially available in the QNAP AppCenter!

Great News:
Today Roon Server was released in the QNAP AppCenter and can now easily be installed just by clicking + Install.

This also means that updates (if required at any time) can now easily be done and you also see an update Badge there.

But that’s not everything:
I also created a small web panel which will give links to most common websites.
There is a “Live Log” section as well. You can see the latest log entries of RoonServer there in realtime and also download all Logs (RoonServer, RAATServer, Commandline) with just one click as a .zip file.

In the Advanced section you can reinstall the Roon binary files and also “Reset” your database (Careful: This will really delete your Roon database and cannot be undone!).

To migrate to the AppCenter version just uninstall your current Roon Server installation and click “Install” below Roon Server in the Entertainment section of the AppCenter. (No need to manually download and upload a qpkg file anymore).

Have fun with it!

PS: I removed the qpkg from my previous download page as it is not required anymore.
PPS: The knowledge base articles and the Roon Labs download page does not reflect this change yet. But they will be updated soon.


I just did the update and it works great. Thanks Christopher for your invaluable contributions to this forum.

Top man thanks again!


Is something similar going to happen for Synology installs? Or is that a bit trickier?

Excellent, Chris. Thanks for what you’ve done and are doing now

Will this install put the Roon data base on a USB3 SSD if correctly configured? Thinking about using a TS-251+

Nice one Chris. FYI QNAP recognised my old manual installation and offered me the update automatically yesterday.

Same here, updated yesterday. Good work.

Nothing changed about the database location. It can be internal and on external volumes. The App looks for the shared folder “RoonServer”. When the name of your USB SSD is “RoonServer”, it will be used as a storage for the Roon database.

If your external SSD has a different name, you can format it in the Storage Center (ext4 filesystem!) and name it “RoonServer”. (But this will also delete all data on that SSD.)

Thank you very much Christopher, both for the reply and your effort making this possible!

I have a QNAP but I’ve been using it to store my music and using a Mac Mini to play Roon.
What are the advantages of using this App installation?


Using this you won’t need a separate device to be your server.

Also you‘ll lower your network traffic as all media files are local files to your NAS.

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Wonder why my App Entertainment center is missing so many apps, including Roon.
How can I get it?

Just do a search on your QNAP in the App Center for Roon Server.

Just installed, works great. Just remember to create a shared folder of ‘RoonServer’ if this is a first time install.

Thx. Tried that and no results.

What version of QTS software are you running on that QNAP. What is the model number? Are you planning to run Roon Server on it? That’s the only reason to download the app.

Just installed the latest firmware.
I have a TS 212 turbo.
Yes, I’d like to run the Roon Server.