After the 1.7-571 update, cannot connect devices to ROON core on QNAP NAS

Every day I have to re-login the devices to Roon core, and is taking up to half an hour to get it done! All the good mood for music listening is ruined!
When this annoying issue will be solved?! Thank you!

Hi @Claudiu_Popovici and welcome to the forum.

Please read:

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I did that re-authorization several times after update, but still have to painfully re-login daily. During the night the NAS is turned off, and the router too. And another issue: cannot add songs to my tags, the tags list is empty in the add-on screen. Thanks!

Sorry for the inconvenience here. The link is one that directs to another forum thread when clicking on the blue thread title. The thread also contains a second post pointing to:

Hello @Claudiu_Popovici,

Can you please try to install the QNAP update that Crieke published? That should help with the re-authorization issues.

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