After upgrade, endpoint not seen in Roon or web interface

Hi @spockfish - I went to the web interface of my Allo DigiOne which is running RoPieeeXL and it displayed Update downloaded and available for your device! I clicked on INSTALL UPDATE and it went off on its way, losing contact with the browser. A little while later, I opened the page again and it was still showing the INSTALL UPDATE button. I clicked it once more and now it won’t come up at all.

I have unplugged the device and powered back on and still not seen from the web interface or from Roon. The green LED is slowly blinking (once per sec).

I have another device that I’m using just for the display also running, but I have not tried the upgrade there. It is currently running 2022.06.1 (373)

Hi Steve,

Is the webpage still unreachable?

Does it show up in the ‘devices’ tab on the other unit?

Hi Harry- It is still unreachable, does not show in the devices tab…

I decided to just do a fresh install, so I downloaded the latest image and flashed the SD, now it is not booting :frowning:

Going to bed, I will take it up again tomorrow. If you have any recommendations, I’d appreciate it. I will try this new SD in my other unit that is running. I’ll swap the SDs between them and see if I have any luck.

I ran etcher again on the target SD and was able to continue the fresh install and now all is good:

I am interested to see if the display unit will upgrade automatically. If I have a problem, I’ll let you know. Thanks!

The display unit was able to upgrade itself automatically, so I still don’t know what could have caused the initial problem, but it looks like all is good now:

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The same issue here. Tried to update several times but no success. Ropiee version 2022.06.01 runs fine.

Yes, there’s an issue with a timeout that has been fixed in 2022.08.

In order to get there I’ve pushed out a rescue script:

  • please reboot your device
  • when the update notification appears just hit it

Everything should work out fine.


Tried it but still the same issue.

Can you send me feedback?

Not much feedback to share. I hit the install update (rebooted last time) RopieeeXL starts updating. Message: Your device is being updated… be patient, this will take time. Don’t turn it off! After a while Ropieee comes up again and nothing happend. Same version and a message that an update is available.

Oh sorry. That’s not what I meant. Can you share ‘feedback’ as found on the ‘advanced’ tab?
It sends me an archive so I can have a closer look.


Ah sorry, sent the feedback now. 0c169ca329e4750d

Hmmm… classic chicken and egg :wink:

Do you have by any change github (and git) blocked in your firewall?
Your unit is not capable of fetching the rescue scripts from github…


Not sure, tried to update from another laptop with the same results. So it’s probably not the laptop firewall. Could it be a setting in the router?

Yes. This is not on the level of your browser, but on th level of the Pi. So the Pi wants to setup a connection which is blocked by (probably) your firewall.

I’m out of options. Adjusted the firewall settings, tried to update via a personal hotspot and reflashed the Pi. Without a positive result. (reflashing did solve my Spotify issue)

How did you attempt update via a personal hotspot?

connected to my iphone via hotspot.

Are you only having issue over wifi or LAN connection to?

Tried to update via LAN and wifi but both without the desired result. I have a rather standard KPN router so nothing special configured. I’m not a network expert but I tried to exclude the Ropie client from the firewall rules (both LAN and wifi) but this also did not work.