Age Poll - How old are you, really?


And you believe them?

@Jazzfan_NJ Kinda! :grinning: My dad’s parents emigrated from Ireland, so I’m sure about the Irish side. My mom’s father was from England and her mom from Québec City. I also hold an Irish passport!

Exciting poll so far. Maybe not that surprising to see a tilt towards elderly men (definitely). But where are all the kids below 30? Still haven’t found Roon? Into streaming only? Cost? No support for Spotify?

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I won’t generalise for everyone on Earth that’s under 30 but I can speak for my circle of friends in their 20’s…

Even if Spotify were integrated today, my friends aren’t paying $10 a month extra for Roon, to have to wait up to 2 days for a big new album release to show up to Roon:

Drake Scorpion new album showing in Tidal but missing in Roon

And to have less information on Tidal track credits than the free official Tidal app:

Roon data versus Tidal desktop app - track data

And to have a really bad radio experience (when we’ve tested together) with electronic and hip-hop and modern R&B music…

Having said that, I don’t think @danny and the wider Roon Team would really lose too much sleep over these things because he says their subscriber numbers continue to climb up and up, at a healthy rate.

For background: I’m a lifetime member myself and have tried and am always trying to get friends to join Roon, even though the above stuff bugs me too (first world problems of course), not just them.

I also bought my old man (dad) his lifetime Roon membership and his Roon Core and all Roon Endpoints and none of the above affects him in any way and he adores Roon :grin:

I’m posting here and elsewhere on this forum still because I still use Roon obviously, despite the things that bug me… but it would be nice to one day only use one app…


Country of Birth: Australia
Residing: Melbourne, Australia
Ethnicity: Half Scottish, quarter Danish, quarter Somerset so … Caucasian ?
Age: Almost 57 (next month, can’t wait !)

Diversity is strength. Just ask a backgammon player.

Getting a new DAC for your birthday? :grinning:

Oh, and 48, Dutch.

shakes Magic 8-Ball hopefully
Sources say No.

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66 years old. Cant hear beyond 12kHz.
Living in Tokyo Japan.


So I take it that you only stream 192kHz? :hear_no_evil:

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We probably need to have a hearing poll as well :wink:


Country of Birth: England
Residing: Currently finishing up a two-year adventure in Podgorica, Montenegro (enjoyed adding that one to the map!) Looking forward to being reunited full time with my Devialet B&W rig in Gloucestershire next month… Devialet Core Infinity upgrade and Tidal subscription definitely on the list so I can take Roon Radio for a spin and have a play with MQA
Ethnicity: Quarter Irish, remainder mongrel British - Caucasian
Age: 55

Seem to be pretty much the cliché demographic - It’s slightly worrying how this is playing out…

Not necessarily a Roon demographic, just a Roon forum demographic.

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  • British
  • A Kentish Man of Kent :wink: living in Leicestershire, UK
  • Almost fifty-five (at least Brexit won’t hi-jack my birthday now)

I guess I’m one of the young guys here lol…

Born in the United States where I currently reside as well.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 35

I’ve been into hifi since I was 12, worked for almost a year mowing yards to buy my first stereo/home theater.


English by birth (Irish by descent), living in Canada for 60 years.

Good Lord amighty. There go my chances for 90+

karl redford ,vancouver island,british columbia, canada

Agree. One app to rule them all would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

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