Age Poll - How old are you, really?

(Josh Moore) #41

I guess I’m one of the young guys here lol…

Born in the United States where I currently reside as well.

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 35

I’ve been into hifi since I was 12, worked for almost a year mowing yards to buy my first stereo/home theater.

(Tony Abbott) #42

English by birth (Irish by descent), living in Canada for 60 years.

(Kyra Marshall) #43

Good Lord amighty. There go my chances for 90+

(Karl Redford) #44

karl redford ,vancouver island,british columbia, canada

(Jan) #45

Agree. One app to rule them all would be nice :stuck_out_tongue:

(David Dunn) #46

American with a global mindset, a 76-year-old negotiating a second adolescence (shadow work to clean up my act), and just exploring all of the genres of music I missed between the 50s and the 00s, particularly rock and jazz, when I was still under the tyranny of a family stuck in the classical. Now my tastes are pretty eclectic. Roon (Lifelong subscription) and Tidal (monthly) are a dream come true that I didn’t realize I had: how to broaden my horizons. This is a lot more fun, energizing, and fulfilling. This is very exciting to take a peek of a global community of interest. dd


:+1: :laughing:

Of all the ego defenses, projection of one’s shadow is probably the most damning.

(John B) #48

I’m 53 and 100% Irish :shamrock:

Do I win?


(Dick Vliek) #49


(John B) #50

I’m doing okay at the moment with my favourite stout…


(Dick Vliek) #51

pair with some In Tua Nua music

(John B) #52

Just to buck the stereotype somewhat, I’m actually listening to…


(Sean) #53

Fan of Proper Twelve?

(John B) #54

Never tried it and not particularly inclined to. If I have to have choose a whiskey it would be…


(Sean) #55

Had to ask. Conor makes it sounds like all of Ireland are drinking it :grin:

(Mark) #56

50 at the end of May :sob:
English, with a good mixture of Irish & Welsh in my genes.
Living in rAdelaide, South Australia

(Andrew Cox) #57

The end of May could be as soon as next week !

(Dan Hurezeanu) #58

Romanian by birth
Live in Bucharest, Romania

(Gareth) #59

Wow, this poll made me feel young! Nice one lol


(Albert Jochems) #60


This info being to short to get posted (min 10 characters), I just decided to add this extra line.