Age Poll - How old are you, really?

(Paul Whittaker) #61

This is very interesting, sat here in the 3% 18/30 bracket. No wonder my mates don’t care haha.

I need to make some 50+ year old friends now.

(David Liguori) #62

Theoretically Roon isn’t just for audiophiles though, right?

I’m 65, live in the US and have been a raving audiophile since about age 18. This was before the days of “everything matters” like boutique line cords, magic wooden pucks you hang on the walls, turntables after having played back a digitally mastered LP, etc.

(Mark) #63

I have to admit Andy, this comment has gone over my head?!


My guess: a reference to what goes on there: :uk:


(Sean) #65

It’s either a really clever joke (gone over my head too).

Or he thinks we’re in the month of May now. The suspense is killing me :grin:

(Sean) #66

Oh. Clever ! Kudos @andybob


Yeah, it’s about Theresa May’s offer to resign once Brexit is complete.

A joke only a news nerd would get, unless you’re a Brit.

(Mark) #68

Aha, very good Andy.

I have to admit, I don’t follow what’s going on in the UK anymore, I don’t read the news and don’t watch it either.

In fact I don’t do much apart from going to work and trying to raise my screaming 4 year old son, who is going through some “changes” in his life (he has a six month old brother, has started Kindergarten, has had a stomach bug with serious vomiting, followed by worms, followed by a terrible cold, followed by diarrhoea).

What’s Brexit? :grin:

Sorry about that folks, just needed to communicate with someone other than my wife and children. :exploding_head:

(Andrew Cox) #69

Too news nerdy for the audio nerds.
Too audio nerdy for the news nerds.
I’m goin’ back to the cosmology forums. :nerd_face:


There are cosmology forums?

(Henry) #71

There is a forum for everything!

(Jan) #72

I also suspect that among us, I for sure, there are few coffee nerds.
Nerdery (is that a word) comes in at least twos.

My scale is not in this pic but you have to weigh the cofffee AND the water :nerd_face:
There are no shortcuts to the perfect cup!

(Mr Fix It ) #73

What’s in the grinder today…coffee nerds…hell yeah :nerd_face: my scale is not pictured either :slight_smile:

(Martin Webster) #74

Brexit means Brexit :grin: Actually, no one knows the answer to the question … yet.

(Jan) #75

Went down the espresso lane but decided to take the pour over highway some ten years ago. Less messy, less maintenance.
Enjoying a great cup of coffee! Qolque from Bolivia, roasted by Drop Coffee, an award winning roastery here in Sweden.

(Jan) #76

Brexit Anxiety Disorder is a new condition amongst MPs. ORDEER :wink:

(Mr Fix It ) #77

Old enough to know better…but young enough to do it again

:new_zealand: Living in :singapore: 58 human

(Mark) #78

Yep, I’m green with envy :coffee:

(Paul Whittaker) #79

Can we keep Brexit out of it? This is supposed to be my escape.

(David Toole) #80

Country of birth: Canada
Country of residence: Brasil
Ancestry: Irish/English